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Date : 2014-09-29 17:46:24

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Preparing order 

Q : What are the advantages of Preorder?

We’re proudly presenting preorder customers with free official poster in hard tube case (delivery charge is additional). If you preorder new release with ordinary album then we will ship them together with pre ordered item once stocks arrive in. Don’t miss amazing chance to collect your favorite idol poster in unfolded condition. You can also make a purchase official poster at $2 after album release.

Q : What is your currency here?

We do accept USD only. 

Q : Buying album from Kpopture really counts on hanteo chart?

We count daily K-pop album sales and transfer the data directly to Hanteo so that sales reflect on weekly music chart such as SBS Ingigayo, KBS Music Bank, M Count and MBC Music Core. You can also double check with Hanteo Company or find out Kpopture.com official banner by visiting Hanteo website. http://hanteo.com/rank/nChart2.asp?Page=realtime&genre=9

Support your idol by purchasing albums at official online shop which counts on Hanteo Chart.

Q : Do you ship to my country?

We ship to more than 60 countries globally such as Asia, North America, South America,Australia, Europe, and Africa countries.

Q : How can I make sure that autographed CD is authentic?

Based in Korea, Kpopture.com has been providing K-pop CD's and merchandise 60 over countries globally. Most of our staffs have experienced show business industry 10 over years and also have good connection with major entertainment agencies such as SM, YG, JYP and more. We do get autographed albums directly from the agency but sometimes we collect from fan club or at fan sign event. So they are 100% money back guaranteed but stocks are very much limited and rare. 

During order 

Q : How do I know this item is available or not?

If you can see “ADD to CART” button on the page, that is available, but 100% make sure please email us to webmaster@kpopture.com

Q : Which Shipping and delivery option is suitable for me?

Kpopture.com offers different shipping options to our customers, all of which are efficient and reliable. Shipping charge is based on weight and size of each item. And we have 3 kinds of shipping methods such as EMS Premium (TNT), EMS (International Express Mail), and Small Packet (Air). Find out more information by clicking this link. http://kpopture.com/article/Notice/1/10/?number=10&offset=&page=1&search_key=&search=&url=view     

Q : Why registered mail service is not available anymore?

It is not only because Korea Postal Service raised service charge up to 30% for global shipment but also tracking service is not fully provided in many other countries. Even though customers select registered mail service, tracking is not available in many cases. So Kpopture.com finally decided not to service “registered mail service any further from July 1st 2012. We hope that you would understand this situation caused. But we will try our best to serve our customers as always we do.

Q : How do I make my payment for the purchase?

Kpopture.com currently offers a wide range of payment options to customers, all of which are convenient and easily arranged. The currently available payment options include PayPal and wire transfer to our bank account. You should be able to find a convenient payment option that suits you most. So please select most suitable method for you.


2. Wire Transfer to Korea KOOK MIN Bank        


Q : I can’t pay by PayPal. What is wrong with that?

We are sorry for inconvenience. There are several possible reasons.

Case 1 > If your address is different from the one in PayPal.

è PayPal wouldn't accept your payment.

Case 2 > Billing address and delivery address is different.

è PayPal doesn't accept different address for preventing fraud-transaction. If you want to change address, you can change it. But please keep them same. Especially if your delivery address is one in other countries, PayPal account accepts your payment. If you want to ship your items to other country, please contact us to webmaster@kpopture.com

Case 3 > PayPal asked me to put state but I can't put state info here.

è PayPal needs "states" as mandatory in case of customers from USA, Canada, New Zealand and etc. If you can't pay by PayPal because of "states" issues, please let us know. We will make "states" for you. 

Q : I don’t have a PayPal account but I have a credit or debit card. How can I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card with help of PayPal. You don't need to PayPal account. Please still choose "PayPal" as a payment method.

1. Select "PayPal" payment method if you PAYPAL account.

2. Select "Don't have a PAYPAL account" to check out with credit or debit card as show below.

You can pay by your credit or debit card by entering your card information. Then follow a few steps instructed to complete your payment . PAYPAL & Kpopture.com wouldn't save your payment infomation at all.

Q : Your shipping cost seems to be expensive. Do Kpopture have a Shipping free option?

As you know, our motto is “lowest K-POP CD provider on the planet”. Which means CD margin is quite thin and we do not have extra room to allow free shipping because global shipping charge is quite expensive and it is all different from country to country. Like other online shop, if we are selling CD at expensive price and then we may be able to provide free shipping service. But what is more benefit to customers? Thank you for understanding this situation.  

Q : What is the DVD Region Code?

DVDs sold globally are typically encoded to restrict their use to specific locations. That is, a DVD assigned a specific 'Region Code' can only be played within the areas specified in that Region Code.

The DVD Region Code can usually be found on the back of the DVD's package.

It is therefore important that you make sure that the DVD(s) you are buying are compatible with your DVD player.

Q : How can I buy old CDs?

Upon your request, we will find out and inform you that the CD is available or not. Then you can buy individually if it is available.

 After order

Q : How many days does it take to deliver if I select "small packet air service?

1. Normally small packet mail takes 2~3 weeks (Asian countries) / 3 weeks (US/CANADA) / 3~4 weeks (Europe region) / 4 weeks plus (South America and other countries) after shipment processed. But in some countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Italy delivery might be delayed further due to local postal service.

* Note: we are not responsible for any missing or damage caused by this delivery method.

Q : What is a tracking number for my items?

Tracking code is only provided if you choose EMS as a shipping & delivery method, you can track your parcel by clicking these links below.

www.track-trace.com or http://service.epost.go.kr/iservice/ems/ems_eng.jsp

But if you select small packet as a shipping & delivery method, then there would be no tracking number serviced. Please do not ask us tracking number if you had chosen small packet air mail. But please do not worry, it would arrive safely but takes longer time 

Q : Do I have to pay customs tax?

It depends on the local customs policy, however normally you don’t have to pay customs tax and we do not have any reports regarding paying customs until now.

 Receiving package

Q : I ordered CD + unfold poster option but I got only CD or poster, how?

We normally wrap CD package and poster tube in one box. We provide long-thin hard tube case to protect poster not being folded and it is shipped out along with CD packages. But sometimes we might ship two packages separately if CD package is extraordinarily big in size. In this case they may arrive in different date even though shipment of two packages processed on the same day because local post office handles them differently. But don't worry surely you will get another package soon after receiving one.

Q : I haven’t received my package and it’s been more than 40 days.

Upon your request, we are going to officially request and investigate your delivery status via Korean Postal Service and the Postal Service where is your country. It may take a few weeks time to get the result from the POSTAL SERVICE of your country. After investigating and tracking, once we conclude that the item is missing out or lost and the reason of loss is based on our fault, then we will compensate you for the loss. Otherwise we are not responsible for any missing or damage caused by local postal service in your country. However please inform us once you receive your package during tracking and investigation period.

Q : How to get refund?

If you receive a damaged or defective item then please email us the order number & the product condition with photos within 14 days of delivery to obtain an authorization for returns. Please note that unauthorized returns may be refused or disregarded. If we authorize a return, we will provide you with an RAM(Return Authorization Mail) and instructions for sending the damaged or defective items to us. These damaged/defective items must be returned to us securely packaged and wrapped. After we received the product, we will examine and test the defective item(s).

Q : if I order a bunch of CDs, one of them is preordered and the rest aren't, do I have to wait till the preorder one comes out?

Yes, your package will be shipped all together after the preorder product released. However if you want separate shipment, you are supposed to pay shipping charge for each parcel. Kindly email us to webmaster@kpopture.com for further assistance.


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